Why Do You Write?

I haven’t been asked this question in a long time. I write for therapy. I write for myself.  I write to let go. I write to track my growth. When reading previous journal entries, it’s interesting to see how I felt at a particular time. Why and how I thought. There is no judgement or others’ opinions. I can write anything down, assured that the pages would keep my hearts’ secrets. Writing has always been my go-to. When I was younger I would write ALL the time. I actually have volumes, as my co-works would say. Seven right now.

I have found it more of a passion and gift as I have gotten older. I hope that through my life experience I can help, motivate and encourage others through my story. Feel free to look at my prior pieces.

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See, what had happened was…

I have just been in the passenger seat of a car called life. Not really taking it by the horns and riding it out. Sort of just there. Wherever you think “there” is, that’s where I was.

I will be writing an update and hope you join me as I experience life through new eyes and attitude.

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Stick around and stay tuned.

Peace&Love as always,


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Dirty 30 or …?

This morning I woke up age thirty. Life and time go so fast. I had a hard time accepting this fact and had been dreading this day for about a month. In my eyes, I had not accomplished all that I thought I would have. I reflected on my life and realized I did not finish many things I had attempted.

It is easy to have a pity party. Even easier to sulk and stay in that place. Now I sit typing this and it is more apparent I am blessed. My sister and two nephews are once again in Washington and I get to be an influential part of their growth and development. I have parents who love and continue to support me in what I choose to do. My brother and sister are always there to talk to; be a listening ear as well as give me mostly logical advice. Haha. I also have a handful of great friends who have been with me through difficult times and great moments. I try not to take that for granted. I am still here. I have a voice. I have a purpose; reason for being here.

A couple of weeks ago my friend D. and I were giving a lesson to the teenagers at my church. After she shared the story of Nehemiah, I told them that no one was a mistake and that God put them here for a reason. That someones salvation depended on them being obedient to God. I think at that point I was reminding myself more than them.I did not want to celebrate, in my eyes, what was failure. D. said something that I needed to hear.She tends to do this without knowing. She said, “Back on October 31, 1986, God knew that someone in 2016 , would need to hear what she had to say.” It wasn’t many words but the timing was great. I almost wanted to shout and cry. I think we all have those times where we get discouraged. This time it just felt different. God reminded me that he hasn’t forgotten about me.

From this day forward I will be optimistic about my future and my 30’s.  Don’t know what it all entails but I actually excited.






A quick word…


Hope you can learn from my lesson!

School Daze

Last week I started college. The last time I attended a class was in 2008. Needless to say I had a little anxiety. If I didnt think about it, I was able to relax.

One of the most challenging hurdles I have had to work on is my mind; believimg that I can start and finish. This is my fourth attempt in attending college. I wont go into details right now but to sum it up, in 2009 I was tested and I found out I have a learning disability. Since then I have been hesitant in the whole college thing. All this time people have said that I was more intelligent than I thought. Others said I was too smart not to be in school. The thing that held me back? Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of repeating my past. I have to remind myself it is all in my mind. Whatsoever a man thinketh, so is he. If I believe I can do it, I can do it.

Stay tuned for uodates on my journey!

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Having a Moment

To some, death is a part of life. You’re born, live, then you’re gone. Every person has a specific time to leave Earth. Anytime a person I am close with passes, reflection takes place. I think about them. I think of past events; their characteristics. There are times I question God Thatdoes nothing. Sometimes He responds, “It was time”. That alone says a lot. And really, we aren’t priviledged to an rxplanation. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.
I have a hard time with death itself. Every day is another day to get myself together and my destination is Heaven. I know I’m not ready to die but really, who is? I fuess those who intentionally take their own life. But that’s another discussion all by itself. I am not readdy to leave. God has a plan for me and I have not fulfilled it. Once I do, what will happen? I guess that is what has me thinking. Will God want me up there? How will I die? For me, the scariest scenario is via sleep. No warning whatsoever.
Since February of this year I have been to four funerals. Two went to my church and passed in their sleep. Gotta get right church.

Almost Friday Humor


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You Just Be Yourself

Soooooooo. I was thinking about my day to day interaction with people. In having a conversation with a couple other individuals, I gave my five cents of contribution. Notice I didnt say two. ☺ it was a rather good, healthy dialect. I late thought about what I said and thought maybe I shouldnt have said what I said. I used to, and sometimes still do, have a hard time explaining my point of view. When I speak I want you to fully understand where Im coming from. Its not like my opinions were off topic or that I was yelling or talking over anyone. I felt the need to apologize for what I thought. When did I ever think it was ok to feel bad about how I truly felt? Im no longer going to feel sorry about my thoughts. I am firm believer in saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Be yourself and stand up for what you believe. This can hold true for any age. Please remember to be respectful, kind, open to others as well. There is a time and place for everything and it is also how you go about saying those things.

Have a wonderful day!

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Starting 2015 with a bang….or something like that

A couple of months ago I decided to draw a vision board. New Year’s resolutions have never really been my thing. I start out the new year with all this momentum and a month later I’m pooped out. No motivation whatsoever. I don’t want to follow through on things. I have come to realize if I want things to change, I have to create it. You can’t expect things to turn out differently if you’re unwilling to play your part to change. My vision board consists of four categories: spiritual, health, finances and career.
Spiritual growth is important to me because I want to grow in God. Reading my Bible and praying more is helping me with that. Also, going to church connects me His people. I’m not really a people person. I can totally keep to myself and that’s not neccessarily a good thing. How can I minister to individuals or groups if I isolate? Don’t get me wrong. There are moments where you need to be alone so God can speak and you listen. Then there are situations where you need to listen to God as He gives you instruction on what to say and how to say it.
My health has recently taken a turn for the better. Some events occured this past summer that made me take a look at my own life. I decided to eat more vegetables and fruits. I havent quite worked out consistently but I am getting back to it.
I decided too that if I want to one day own a house, I need to take the steps needed to do so. I’m paying off my deferred school loans and rebuilding my credit. Its so hard but I know it will be totally worth it.
My career is steady. I am currently a CNA and I am working part time in doing that. Still looking for another job that I can actually live on/off of. I think I’m almost there. Hopefully my job applications come through for me!
I’ve got a lot going on right now. Not complaining, just grateful for being to do the things I can. Until next time, take care.

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