Old Post (05-06-2008)

Sometimes I feel that no one understands me but God.And really thats all that matters at the end of the day.Considering when He made me, He knew what He was doing.I didnt attend church for a while and recently started going again. I let the things that happened in the past get to me.I was really upset about the situation, but didnt tell anyone.I was stumbling here and tripping there, and it seemed like I couldnt get up.But I learned that I cant let my past determine my future and that I can start over.So I have a new attitude about life.People can talk all they want.I dont care.If they want to know whats up, they can come and talk to me, instead of talking behind my back.

I have realized that I am the person that calls people to see how they are doing–just to see whats up. I have come to the conclusion that I dont care anymore.Im tired of trying to initiate conversation and keep our friendship going.I guess thats how friendships end.Because if you cared, this wouldnt be a one-way thing.Thats my feelings on it. If you think differently, leave a comment below.Thats all for now folks, Im gettin some sleep.



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