Old Post (08-08-2008)

Writing chapters in my book….

So hello everyone. Yes it has been a while since I have last written a blog. Let me fill you in on some things….

I got re-admitted to WSU, thank GOD!! I am still so excited. I cant wait to go back. This time I can truly say that I am ready for school. I dont think I was mentally prepared the first time around. Everyone has their own paths in life and at times, there will be detours. Now Im back on the main road.

I went to a camp this year on Orcas Island called Operation Longthrust. I go every year but this time I was a counselor. Lets just say that Im going to stick to being a floater lol. I’ll help in the kitchen or maybe arts & crafts. Any how I enjoyed myself and am spritually filled. I have to keep reminding myself that I have to do this on a regular basis…..going to church and applying what I learn. I have known this for some time, but I have come to the conclusion that if Im going to live this life (saved), I need to live it full on, sold out for Christ. I know once I actually say it out loud, the devil is going to get me to stray from what I know is right. Thats been a problem for me in the past because I never wanted to be held accountable for my actions.If someone thought I was saved but doing everything that Jesus didnt do, what would their view of a Christian look like?For example, if I say Im a Christian but you see me at the clubs, what is that saying?Or if Im cussin like a sailor Monday through Saturday, but praise Jesus on Sunday? I dont want to be a part-time Christian. This isnt a job, its a lifestyle. You cant be luke warm. I think thats why so many young people have such a hard time today. They feel as if theyre missing something…..that saved people cant have fun.When in actuallity, thats not true. The rewards for this life are unlimited. You just need to trust God.

I read somewhere that if you have the gift of writing, write everyday. I think thats the same in whatever area you are blessed in because everyone has a gift. So with that said, I have been trying to write every couple of days. I write so much that my hand hurts so I have to stop and start again. I plan on writing a book about my life: family, friends, the good times, the bad times, heartaches, joy, life, loss, crushes lol, and everything else that fits in between those lines. Will YOU be in it? Maybe. I guess youll have to read it to know. I hope it doesnt turn be like “The Best Man”.lol




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