Old Post (12-05-2008)

I am not perfect and nor do I claim to be. I have made mistakes in the past that have shaped me become who I am today. I dont have any regrets. Everything happens for a reason and not by coincidence or accident. I have been accused for things I have not done. I realize I am here for a purpose. I was on someone’s BlackPlanet page and Dwayne Woods’ song Let Go came on. I wasnt expecting that at all. I started to think about how I had to do exactly that this past summer.  I have been through so much to be back at WSU, no one really knows except my family. That song touched me deep in my soul. With all that said I am about to put myself out there and be accountable for my actions. Since being back in Pullman, my relationship with God hasnt been the best. Going out and whatnot on the weekends is not who He has called me to be. When I went home for Thanksgiving break, I didnt even want to go to church and thats not even in my character. By me doing certain things I distanced myself from Him, He never left me. How dare I put Him on the back burner and act like I do not care about what He has done for me. If it wasnt for Him, I would not even be back here and I know that for a fact. But through prayer I am. Why do we take God’s kindness and mercy for granted? Our next breath is not promised at all. The least we can do is acknowledge and thank Him for waking us up in the morning. God has done too much for me, for me not to praise Him. I dont know how God deals with everyone and their issues. But hey, thats why hes God. Had to get that off my chest.




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