Long Time, No Blog

Hello my fellow followers. Sorry I have not written in a while. A lot of things have happened since  July and I just have not had to time to get on here as often as I would like.

Have you ever had a tragic event affect you? I am sure many of you have. Sometime the circumstances can hinder you from doing your day-to-day activities. So what do you do? Do you use that as an excuse to give up and quit or do you accept what has happened and use all you have been through as motivation to move on?

My grandmother passed August 23, 2009. We found out through a phone call from my aunt on our way to church. It really took a toll on my mother as well as me. My mom is the oldest girl out of 13 children but was raised by her father. Looking back on that, I realize that was a blessing in disguise. Who knows how different our lives could have been. I was trying to be the calm and rational one. I went with my mother to Pittsburgh for the funeral. We and everyone we knew was praying for us. There was a sense of anxiety on our way there. It started on the drive to SeaTac Airport and ended after the funeral was finished. Bits of drama here, attitudes there, everyone with an opinion was mixed in between. I also found out common sense is not so common as we would like to think. In my book my mom did extremely well. She could have easily knocked someone out. But she was determined to let the Jesus in her shine. And it did. People around us said they would reacted negatively to several events that took place while we were there. I think this is where we are truly tested in our faith. If my mother would have acted out of character, she would have been criticized for not acting Christian-like. There are always people watching you, waiting until you are knocked down so they can kick you even lower. Everyone has something to say…..Look at yourself first.

Deep down, I am still kind of upset at the way things had happened and have a little hostility towards some family members for their lack of responsiblity and selfishness. However, having anger in my heart is not going to bring my grandmother back. I must forgive them like Jesus forgives us. She was in pain, taking medications and depressed most days. But God has a plan for all of us and it was her time to go. I pray she’s up there with Him. Hopefully you take heed to what I wrote and remember to let your light shine.



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