Baby, Im Back!

Hello all, I am excited to be writing again my blogs again! I have been doing some work on myself and trying to better myself as a whole. Theres nothing wrong with that as long as you remember where you have come from; your own journey towards happiness and fulfillment.

I have been to a free five week course where I learned about computers and social skills, where I realized that not many people have…..I enjoyed my time there for the most part. It sort of inspired me to not let my circumstance and past dictate my future; a real eye opener. And that’s the latest on yours truly. 🙂 I have also been listening to Men of Standard’s In Your Will. They are like the Boyz II Men of gospel and I love it!

I will try to post a blog at least three times a week if not more. Lately I have been trying to find a regimen for my natural hair. I am going to start at the basics again because that worked in the past. I will keep you updated on that along with everyday things that occur. Follow me on twitter: That is probably the best way to contact me :-).

Peace & Love,



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