Why did you do that to your hair?!

You looked pretty with a relaxer! Are you a rebel? It’s a phase, you’ll get a touch up soon. Is this a fashion statement?

I have heard it all and have been asked just about every question under the sun on why I decided to go natural. While others have their own reasons, my decision was more spiritual than anything. I wanted to be the young woman God wants me to be. And that included experiencing my hair in its natural form. So with that said, here’s my list on why I love my hair:

Sharday’s Top 10 on Loving Natural Hair:

(In no particular order)

1. My tightly coiled kinky strands are versatile. I can switch it up.

2. I can go outside when it’s raining instead of running from them.

3. I like looking at YouTube videos for styling tips and trying to imitate what I see.

4. I am knowledgable of what my hair likes/dislikes.

5. I have become more confident and aware of who I am.

6. I am a low maintenance kinda person but I find myself using accessories that add flair to my look.

7. The compliments I receive are motivation and a major booster to keep rockin’ my natural ‘do, like I do.

8. I comparing my product trials and errors with other naturals.

9. Although I’m not natural for length, I love tracking the progress of my hair. It’s so thick and healthy!

10. I ❤ embracing every strand on my head.


One thought on “Why did you do that to your hair?!

  1. Royal says:

    You are not low maintenance lol… But power to ya sister! Natural hair is a beautiful thing 🙂 embrace away

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