Hey! Hey! Hey!

  Hey everyone!! In conclusion with my wanting to keep my blog updated, I have decided to break down some categories. I have almost every day planned except for two, not including Sundays. I have enough on my plate and I need to rest J.

Mondays: Music Monday

            Have you ever heard a song and fell in love after listening to it? I know plenty of songs just like that, new and old. I will be sharing my thoughts and memories about the ones that I ❤ the most.

Tuesdays: Not quite sure yet.

Wednesdays: Ha! Ha! Wednesday

            I work in child care and you wouldn’t believe some of the things I hear on a daily basis!

Thursdays: Not quite sure yet.

Fridays: What’s Goin On?

            More than likely I will write about local events, news and movies/music coming out.

Saturdays: Lesson Learned

            No one is perfect. I believe that everything happens for a reason. You take notes of your mistakes and learn from them. That way, you won’t repeat them. Hopefully, by my sharing personal experiences you will choose to make wise decisions.


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