Free My Mind

      A friend and I were talking recently about our mindset and how no one really thinks about the consequences of their actions anymore. It seems like the people we used to know and those we were casual with are not the same. I understand no one can truly stay the same—everyone grows and changes. But I am speaking about those who seem to change negatively because of situations and circumstances they have placed themselves in. It is a sad thing to see. Especially when you can imagine their life extremely, positively different from the life they currently live. I think about the potential and what they could have done with it. Then there are others who have picked their selves up from their struggles. They have learned their lessons and are ready to do great things. Sometimes that can be challenging but it is also doable. I wish everyone success in any endeavor they choose. Never let someone’s opinion hinder you from achieving your dreams and aspirations. Set your mind on your goals and take steps towards making it a reality. You do not know whom you may come in contact with—share your story. You may just inspire them to do the same thing.



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