Free My Mind (What's This All About?)

     Hello world! Another day, another dollar. Or do you have no dollar? The latter could definitely be your reality today but if you are reading this, at least you are alive. There is someone somewhere who didn’t wake up this morning.
Lately I have been visiting other blogs and reading some interesting things. I have read everything from encouraging words to Psychology Today, to God in relationships along with natural hair tips. It has made me wonder about my own blog. Should I write about subjects that are more political, and be more involved in the “struggle” as a writer? I heart my natural hair so much but I would not call myself an expert. Should I only speak about that? What about dealing with different kinds of relationships? Does my heart have a glass window inserted in it where you can see my vulnerability? Should I stand on a soapbox and tell you about the goodness of Jesus and all that He has done for me? Although I have. When talking about me in a conversation, should people automatically be able to put me in a box and label me? I don’t have FRAGILE written on my forehead. I don’t like it when individuals do that in real life so I most certainly dislike that idea in the blogsphere.
     Am I afraid of what others might say in response to my writing? A little. Not so much of the comments but of the radicals. You know, those whom you can’t have a civil conversation with, who always think they are right? I have no problem with stating your opinion as long you are respectfully doing so. I actually enjoy learning how a person thinks. At times, it explains their actions or lack thereof. A person can show you who they are just by talking. You just need to make sure you’re listening.
     Back to all of those questions, this blog will consist of anything and everything I choose. I am made up of many so layers so I will be peeling them off via blogging. Things about myself as well as current events and such. Stay tuned. Be blessed!


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