Free My Mind

     Hey everyone! I hope you are well today. I know after a busy week, I am totally ready for the weekend.
    I was visiting some blogs and I saw something very interesting. It was a preview clip of dark skin women sharing their personal experiences. You can take a look down below. I believe the film is coming out this fall. I cannot imagine how these women must have felt when hurtful things were said to them or how they were/are treated all because of something they have no control over. sleepless nights, pillows soaked with tears, possibly depression. Even today, we are dealing with issues stemming from slavery: house Negroes vs. field Negroes. It’s sad that this separation is taking place in today.

     I honestly can say that I have never experienced anything negative from others because of the complexion of skin. I think the experiences that I have grown through were just because I am a black woman. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest has its benefits. We are really culturally diverse. There are times when I think the majority (whites) have become so comfortable with black people, and minorities in general, they are ignorant without realizing it. The upside, there are many opportunities to learn and become socially aware. On the other hand, because many are bi-racial folks, light skin always seems to “be in.” Females with wavy/curly hair are more popular than the chocolate sistas. Maybe the environment is the cause of this. I have been in other parts of the country where it is the complete opposite.
     I hope many will see this film and their eyes be opened to what is going on. We need to change. Stop talking about it and be about it.



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