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Happy friday everyone!! If you are like me I am so excited for the weekend. As of now I don’t have anything set in stone as to what I plan to do—except cleaning my house. Which leads me to the topic of the day: Cleaning house.

Right now I am not speaking about physically cleaning up your house but more like evaluating relationships and friendships. Ask yourself these questions. Are you happy with how things are going with your best friend? Do any of your close friends support you in your aspirations/dreams? Have they helped you when you faced difficult situations or are going through a hard time? Do they encourage you and wish you well?

Not everyone is perfect but there should be some kind of balance in any type of
relationship. It’s a reciprocated not one-sided. When I was younger I used to have one-way friendships. I realized that it really didn’t benefit me. It felt like they were hindering me from doing and achieving more. That’s a hard pill to swallow while in middle/high school. I cut ties with people because of their actions. Backstabbing seemed to be the name of the game and I wasn’t having it so I stayed mostly to myself. I could not grasp the fact of someone claiming to be your girl but then talking behind your back and telling secrets she promised she wouldn’t. That not only hurts but you learn to build walls because you don’t want to feel that way again. That can stall potential friends and possibly significant others from getting to know who you truly are. How are they supposed to get to know you if you don’t let them in?

Fast forward to today and I still have a handful of friends that I talk to daily. And I have known them for at least ten years each. Building trust is one of the most important factors in lasting friendships. Look at those you surround yourself with. Are you growing or stalling?



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