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Where they do that at?.......Tacoma

For the past couple weeks the teachers of the Tacoma School District have been at odds with trying to find a common ground for their contracts.  This past Tuesday they started a strike after to voting to do so. Their main concerns? 1.) Negotiations on class sizes. 2.) Teacher transfers. 3.) Pay.

Being a child of an educator I totally understand where they are coming from and support them. Many parents are upset that the teachers are striking and I’m not quite sure why. They are standing up for what they believe is right and in the end it is
benefiting THEIR children. Although finding alternative child care for these kids can possibly hurt the pockets of parents, the long-term effects of what the school district is offering educators will hurt even more. You would think there would be more support for those building the foundation of future generations.

I can’t imagine having 28+ in a classroom and being productive. That alone can be challenging. Especially when students have different needs and what not. How can we expect one teacher to do his/her best when resources are limited and funding is cut from programs that are needed the most?

One major problem I have with the district, besides low pay, is the lack of respect of those who have been teaching for years. Basically, it’s a slap in the face and saying seniority doesn’t matter. District says: Seniority has nothing to do about student’s progress and doesn’t prove effectiveness. Sharday says: Experience is key in moving forward. First year teachers can not beat the knowledge of someone who has been teaching for thirty years. Working a job that long shows that a person truly cares about what they do and also for the wellbeing of those they teach.

My final point is how much we pay our educators….Not as much as they should. (Drops the mic and walks away.)


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