Having a Moment

To some, death is a part of life. You’re born, live, then you’re gone. Every person has a specific time to leave Earth. Anytime a person I am close with passes, reflection takes place. I think about them. I think of past events; their characteristics. There are times I question God Thatdoes nothing. Sometimes He responds, “It was time”. That alone says a lot. And really, we aren’t priviledged to an rxplanation. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.
I have a hard time with death itself. Every day is another day to get myself together and my destination is Heaven. I know I’m not ready to die but really, who is? I fuess those who intentionally take their own life. But that’s another discussion all by itself. I am not readdy to leave. God has a plan for me and I have not fulfilled it. Once I do, what will happen? I guess that is what has me thinking. Will God want me up there? How will I die? For me, the scariest scenario is via sleep. No warning whatsoever.
Since February of this year I have been to four funerals. Two went to my church and passed in their sleep. Gotta get right church.


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