Dirty 30 or …?

This morning I woke up age thirty. Life and time go so fast. I had a hard time accepting this fact and had been dreading this day for about a month. In my eyes, I had not accomplished all that I thought I would have. I reflected on my life and realized I did not finish many things I had attempted.

It is easy to have a pity party. Even easier to sulk and stay in that place. Now I sit typing this and it is more apparent I am blessed. My sister and two nephews are once again in Washington and I get to be an influential part of their growth and development. I have parents who love and continue to support me in what I choose to do. My brother and sister are always there to talk to; be a listening ear as well as give me mostly logical advice. Haha. I also have a handful of great friends who have been with me through difficult times and great moments. I try not to take that for granted. I am still here. I have a voice. I have a purpose; reason for being here.

A couple of weeks ago my friend D. and I were giving a lesson to the teenagers at my church. After she shared the story of Nehemiah, I told them that no one was a mistake and that God put them here for a reason. That someones salvation depended on them being obedient to God. I think at that point I was reminding myself more than them.I did not want to celebrate, in my eyes, what was failure. D. said something that I needed to hear.She tends to do this without knowing. She said, “Back on October 31, 1986, God knew that someone in 2016 , would need to hear what she had to say.” It wasn’t many words but the timing was great. I almost wanted to shout and cry. I think we all have those times where we get discouraged. This time it just felt different. God reminded me that he hasn’t forgotten about me.

From this day forward I will be optimistic about my future and my 30’s.  Don’t know what it all entails but I actually excited.







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