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Why Do You Write?

I haven’t been asked this question in a long time. I write for therapy. I write for myself.  I write to let go. I write to track my growth. When reading previous journal entries, it’s interesting to see how I felt at a particular time. Why and how I thought. There is no judgement or others’ opinions. I can write anything down, assured that the pages would keep my hearts’ secrets. Writing has always been my go-to. When I was younger I would write ALL the time. I actually have volumes, as my co-works would say. Seven right now.

I have found it more of a passion and gift as I have gotten older. I hope that through my life experience I can help, motivate and encourage others through my story. Feel free to look at my prior pieces.

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See, what had happened was…

I have just been in the passenger seat of a car called life. Not really taking it by the horns and riding it out. Sort of just there. Wherever you think “there” is, that’s where I was.

I will be writing an update and hope you join me as I experience life through new eyes and attitude.

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Stick around and stay tuned.

Peace&Love as always,


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School Daze

Last week I started college. The last time I attended a class was in 2008. Needless to say I had a little anxiety. If I didnt think about it, I was able to relax.

One of the most challenging hurdles I have had to work on is my mind; believimg that I can start and finish. This is my fourth attempt in attending college. I wont go into details right now but to sum it up, in 2009 I was tested and I found out I have a learning disability. Since then I have been hesitant in the whole college thing. All this time people have said that I was more intelligent than I thought. Others said I was too smart not to be in school. The thing that held me back? Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of repeating my past. I have to remind myself it is all in my mind. Whatsoever a man thinketh, so is he. If I believe I can do it, I can do it.

Stay tuned for uodates on my journey!

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