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Not sure where to start so I will begin here…

   This past July my mother suffered a stroke. I couldnt believe it. A strong, caring, compassionate woman of God and who also loves God is being truly tested. At first I was upset. Not at God. But how this situation changed my mom. This once vivacious woman had been succumbed to a hospital bed. Her right side paralyzed. I was strong for a while and tried not to let her see me cry. That would make her upset and she too, would shed tears. I helped bathe her, get her dressed, gave medications, and cooked meals. It was hard for me seeing her like this. I could only imagine how she felt. She was actually in the situation. She was unable to move her limbs like she wanted. She was the one that was frustrated she couldnt do certain things. She has always been a busy person. I dont mean busy body but someone who gives their time, has an ear to hear, serving others, searching for ways to help someone else. I asked God why. I didnt get an immediate answer. Through the process of my mother getting progressively better, I have seen His hand on her life.
   Our trials and tribulations are not for ourselves. It is so that people may see Gods glory in the midst of it all and that they may know Jesus for who He is. This hasnt been the easiest predicament to be in but through it all I know God is in control. It is also a learning lesson for everyone we are connected to. I pray that people see my mom and know that God is real. This stroke could have easily taken her out but God didnt allow it. Its easy to complain and look at the negative but Im so thankful she is still here. Im treasuring the time I have with her.
   She is proof that God heals. And I am proof that He is a keeper. How can you say who/what God is to you unless youve been in a situation where you need him to be ________ (fill in the blank)?

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